Online Dating Scams – Watch The Ground You Trend On

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Dangers of online dating involve online dating scams too. In every society there is crime and this does not exempt Internet society. The number of people using the Internet is rising day by day. The high number of online users attract fraudsters who are after robbing users their money. Dating frauds are said to be more than any other online frauds. The thugs create very fancy, attractive profiles targeting a particular online victim. The tricksters are keen to make very convincing and sob stories which can con anybody however discerning they might claim to be. The victims are lured by these stories and end up innocently giving out important personal information especially the most wanted bank account. They also get the names and address to enable them make good their motive.

Online dating scams are mere exploitation and heartless scandals. After getting the victim’s contact they work on building up trust and confidence. They will convincingly ask for money by giving sympathizing false stories. They ensure that the story seeks sympathy from the potential partner. They place you as the only shoulder to lean on and the only person who loves and cares enough to get them out of a fix. For instance they can feign that they were robbed and badly beaten up hence request funds for surgery/treatment and you are the one and only person who is in a position help. Off course you being the loving and merciful person that you are you will respond. A famous and smart online dating scam is the one where the online partner says that she would want to physically visit you but she has no money for air ticket or travel documents.

You can be able to identify these online dating scams through your instincts. There are also several tell-tale signs that should warn you to treat the information with suspicion. Among them is a fabulous photo to effortlessly draw your attention. If they tell you to send the funds through money transfer this should raise your eyebrows. This shows he/she is not ready to disclose their personal information. Be ware if your online date does not give you any other option to contact him/her except through Internet. Something is being hidden from you. All these and more signs shows that there is more than meets the eye.

The victims are emotionally and financially affected. The online dating scams participants act with impunity because they know there is no way they can be identified and punished. Safe online dating can be only achieved if people stop disclosing their personal details to people they have never met physically. In support of safe dating, the former British prime minister,, Tony Blair urged the young turks to make use of the wealth of sexual information in order to take charge of their sexual lives. He went ahead to explain that in their school days there was no formal sex information. In their days people were to learn either from friends and relatives or from experience. He was keen to note that nowadays sex information is readily available. He was campaigning for safe dating including safe online dating where online dating scams should be eliminated.

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Common Online Dating Illegalities

Though the majority of popular online dating sites now come equipped with a fair bit of fraud protection and security, it is never a bad idea to know what can happen if you let your guard down. The fact is that fraudsters exist and scams do happen (despite the best efforts of the industry), so it pays to be aware of the way scammers work. Being prepared and knowledgeable is a great way to protect yourself in the event you encounter such a person.

Here then are some common online dating scams.

Not enough money to travel
One of the oldest online dating scams has its origins in Russia. Fraudulent members will use the photographs of a model or someone similarly attractive, and claim to be in love with you. Once they’ve managed to gain your trust (and your ahem, enthusiasm) they’ll then proceed to detail how much they would love to meet you in person. The problem however, is that they can’t afford to pay for travel costs. Do not, under any circumstances, send money to someone for an airline ticket.

In desperate need of a visa
Another common scam works in the same manner as the above example, except that this time the scammer will try to make you believe they need a VISA to enter the country. With this scam the fraudster will try to emphasize how perfect the two of you are together. They will try to make you believe (often within minutes) how you two are a match made in heaven. As stated above, do not send money to help someone travel.

Stranded Abroad
A variation on the above scams sees the fraudster claim to be an American stranded in a foreign country, and in desperate need of money to get home. Usually these involve countries in Africa, though they are not exclusive to this region. An easy give-away to this type of scheme is the supposed single’s level of English. If they are having trouble chatting with you, odds are good they are not the Americans they claim to be.

Medical assistance
If you spend enough time on an online dating site, eventually you might run into a purveyor of the medical assistance scam. Put simply, the fraudster will describe an illness, injury or medical problem that can be cured with financial help. No matter how detailed and intense these stories may be, do not give in. Remember, if something was truly wrong with this member, would he or she be chatting casually on an online dating site?

The Good Samaritan
The key to any fraudster’s success is their ability to foster a level of trust. Often they will try to create a positive self-image by discussing their love of family members and friends. The tactic then switches to a discussion about a beloved family member’s health problems and the scammer’s efforts to save them. Do not offer to help anyone’s sick family members, as odds are very good this is fraud.

The investment
The most obvious form of fraud is possibly the one least guarded against. If you encounter a person soliciting for a business or investment plan, please proceed with extreme caution. Always remember (and no matter how close you might have become with this particular single) you did not join a dating site to invest in a new product, business or stock.

Knowing the preferred methods of online dating scammers will help you keep yourself safe. Nevertheless, the cardinal rule in avoiding online scams is to never send cash (or money orders, transfers etc) to anyone you meet on the net. In fact, it’s a good idea to even avoid giving out personal contact information until you get to know someone well. Good luck and stay safe.

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How to Avoid Online Dating Scams

The Internet has created more opportunities for people to connect than any other invention. Chat rooms, social networking sites, and online dating services offer us the chance to find that perfect someone without having to endure the dating scene. Unfortunately this convenience comes with a price. Many scam artists use online dating as an avenue for fraud.

One common scam involves re-shipping. Identity thieves who have used stolen or counterfeit credit cards to purchase merchandise online often look for another address to receive their ill-gotten gains, thereby making it hard for authorities to track them down. Typically, they will befriend someone through social networking, gain their trust, ask them to receive packages for them, and then re-ship the packages to another address. The victim, thinking that they are helping a friend or love interest, becomes an unwitting accomplice to receiving stolen property.

Fraudsters also use online dating to steal money directly from their victims. Once a con artist has gained their trust, he creates a situation that requires the victim to send him money. This is often in the form of travel expenses, medical bills, or even bail. Usually, once the money has been sent, the fraudster disappears. Occasionally, scam artists will continue to bilk a victim over and over again, continuing until the trust has been exhausted.

Money is not the only motivation for online dating deception. Sexual predators also use the Internet to find and lure victims. While this tactic is often used against children, many adults have become the victims of sexual assault because they trusted someone they met online.

Online dating can be safe if you take sensible precautions. Never agree to accept packages on someone else’s behalf. Never send money to someone that you have not met or don’t know well. Do not agree to meet someone by yourself for the first time. Pick a public place that you’re comfortable with and bring a friend along. Take some time to get to know people before placing your trust in them. Your life may depend on it.

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Online Dating Scams

Have you already uploaded some cool picture of yourself on some online dating service? Well, your profile or your photo may be vulnerable to scammers as they may use your image to lure women to some other dating and romance websites.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identities of about 23,000 Americans consisting of profile, photos are stolen each day and during the year 2006, about 30 million Americans were victims of some type of an internet fraud. A person’s uploaded photograph can be used on nearly 100 websites including Facebook under different email addresses.

The main intention of scammers stealing photographs is to post the same photographs under false names so that they can lure women and/or con you off your money.

Mostly these types of fraudulent activities are committed by people living in the African countries whose major source of income comes from this business. They may hack websites searching for credit card numbers or post false profiles with stolen photographs on sites such as,, etc.

The question that many victims of image theft ask is: Is there any legal course against such fraudsters? Well, the answer is probably in the negative; however, the photographs need to be encrypted so that they cannot be copied or downloaded, and the good news is that some websites offer this protection facility.

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